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Jewellery: long earrings, 2013,
sterling silver, oxidized

Jewellery: long earrings, fragment 2013,
sterling silver, oxidized

Jewellery: small stud earrings, 2013,
sterling silver, oxidized, zircon

On the beach, close to atelier, Gdańsk, Poland, spring 2009
Jewellery: ring, 2013
sterling silver, oxidized

Jewellery: ring, 2013
sterling silver, oxidized
Jewellery: rings, silver pieces on the table, 2013

    Innate sense of shape recognition has been a surviving strategy for animals, moving them in search of food or protection. Aristotle already noticed that, describing the role of floral patterns on pollinators’ behavior. Since antiquity, also man has been intrigued by flower cues, such as color hues, contours, and fragrances.
   Even now we remain linked to the often unconscious sense of natural shape recognition, an apparently lost sense during human evolution, but still vivid inside our mind, ready to reappear in a subtle way. Observing the shape of these jewels we are caught by a feeling of harmony evoked by the resemblance to an intimately blended branch of leaves and flowers. 
   The shape is self-repetitive, bringing the observer to discover an origin, again and again recursively in a motion to the infinite. Often we search infinite exploring the deep universe and here we find trace of it in a tiny but great artwork which has the seed of an eternal wave.    

Prof. Eugenio Ragazzi

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